Mary 5, 2016 Fara's Story 

Our stories are all threads in a larger story, and you’ve heard a little about how God has woven those stories together, and how He works in ways we can’t begin to fathom.  Would I have chosen to write these chapters of the story in this way?  Never, not in a thousand lifetimes.  more

November 5, 2015 Wave Lace

Early mornings are my favorite time at the beach so I usually sit for an hour or two and watch as darkness gives way to light. Sitting on Okaloosa Island, I was mesmerized by the gently rippling waves that washed in front of me. Occasionally, one lapped at my feet, but most were tumbling softly on the hard packed sand in front of me as the tide receded slowly....Click here for more

February 16, 2016 A note from a patient.

Thankfully during the month of January, we get invited to churches to share what God is doing at ABCWC. One particular Sunday, after the service, a couple presented this note to one of our staff. We wanted to share it with you.[a note from a pt blog pic (ask sean before using)]
“We were approached about speaking at one of your events over a year ago. I declined. That was a mistake and God has reminded us of it almost daily...  more

October 28, 2015 How can it be?

A culture gone crazy, without a compass, where good is called evil and evil good….how did we get here? Our nation was founded by and dedicated to God by individuals who were searching for freedom to worship...Click here for more

February 3, 2016 Given A Chance To Live

My name is Christina. My story is really not so unique. There are hundreds of people in the world, especially in the United States, that have very similar stories. My birth parents were 15 years old when they conceived me. She was just a child herself and was very confused and overwhelmed. After a great deal of agonizing over what she was going to do about the pregnancy, she decided that she was not ready to be a mom....more

August 4, 2015 Will You Stand In the Gap?

So what does it say about a people who voice outrage by the killing of a lion, but keep silent about the selling of body parts? click here for more

September 30, 2015  Made In His Image

What does the "sanctity of human life" mean? We hear this term used in pro-life circles frequently, but do we as Christians really understand the meaning behind  the words? Click here

February 23, 20016 Words Are Powerful 

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”  Actually, words can inflict wounds that are more deadly and harder to heal than physical ones.Who has not been hurt by a careless remark or thoughtless reply?  more

May 27, 2015 Choices

Every day we make a hundred small decisions, or choices. Will I hit the snooze button or get up and spend some quiet time?  What will I wear? Will these shoes be comfortable for all I have to do today or should I take another pair?  Will I grab a bite at home or stop en route to work?
Usually these choices are quite innocuous. But consider how those choices in the first few hours can affect the rest of the day.  click here

June 24, 2015 Silence Is A Choice

Too often, as followers of Christ, we decide to remain silent of controversial issues because we do not want to offend or alienate others. Besides, who are we to judge, right?  But is the choice for silence really a choice for evil? click here for more

June 22, 2015 Virtue for Victory

Without vision, people perish. Have we as Americans become so busy with our individual lives, pursuing our own dreams, and or working day and night just to make ends meet, that we have forgotten our vision?  Click here for more

March 22, 2016 His Grace is Sufficient

Because of the sexual abuse, out of this came miscarriages and pregnancies, which resulted in abortions starting when I was 12 years old. My parents used this as a way to “get rid of the evidence” and as a way to cover up things. more

August 15, 2016 A Letter to my Daughter 

It brings me so much joy to see you walking in the gospel, fighting to hang on to what is true, fighting for time in the Word, for your husband and children, and for your community.  You seek God’s face in all things,  more.

October 21, 2015 Sunrise Reflections

I love sunrises!  And sunrises at the beach are just the best. Recently I had the privilege of spending some time on the emerald coast, the stretch of emerald green waters running from Panama City Beach to Pensacola, Florida. These gulf coast beaches are unlike most beaches I have visited, with calm, clear water rippling, rather than roaring, to the shore. Unless there is a storm, then these placid waters become a surfer’s haven.  Click here for more

October 12, 2015 The Truth Will Set Us Free

Praise the Lord for the mighty, awesome work He is doing here at ABC Women’s Clinic and in our community. Being involved in this ministry is both an honor and a privilege. It is so exciting to see women receiving the Lord and utilizing our resources to allow Jesus to heal their broken hearts and spirits. Setting captives free is what Jesus’ ministry on earth was all about, and we do this by sharing God’s truth with everyone that walks through our doors. Click here for more